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Thorns Couple Rings

Thorns Couple Rings

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💍 Thorns Couple Rings 💍

Description: Step into the realm of "obsession" with our captivating thorns couple rings. Inspired by the sharp and poignant nature of obsession, these rings embody the intensity of this abstract emotion. The design draws inspiration from thorn bushes, symbolizing the inescapable and piercing grip of obsession.

As we delve deeper into the concept, we realize that obsession is an ever-present force that cannot be easily forgotten or replaced. Thus, we've transformed this sharp and relentless obsession into delicate thorns encircling your fingers.

Wear these rings and convey your devotion to your beloved. Let the "obsession thorn" intertwine with the softness of your hand, creating a profound and enduring connection.

Material: Copper Category: Ring Color: Silver Style: Simple Size: Adjustable opening, approximately 2cm diameter before adjustment Applicable: Everyone Package includes: 1 piece ring

Indulge in the allure of obsession with our Thorns Couple Rings! 🌹

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